Taurus Global Studio is a subsidiary of N&V Bridge Group – A multidisciplinary group with extensive experience in consulting Japanese investors and partners to promote development plans into Vietnamese market, in which Graphic design is one of the key industries.




Become one of the leading studios in Vietnam, build a team of professional & talented designers, create quality, innovative and meaningful products



Taurus Global Studio believes in the creativity of Vietnamese people and constantly contributes to improving the quality of the design industry in Vietnam through product development & partnership with major art universities across the country.


Family: Building a comfortable, fun and engaging working environment like a family.

Quality: Putting quality and customer satisfaction first.

Creativity: Learning, innovating to create unique products




The increasingly expanding partnership is a certification of the effective cooperation among Taurus Global Studio with partners in Vietnam and many countries around the world. Taurus Global Studio is proud to be a famous brand that has been cooperating with clients.